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Cupping therapy uses suction on the skin to treat myofascial and muscle problems. This suction is
created by the use of cups which creates vacuum which causes your skin to rise & redden as your
blood vessel expands, suction causes tissue to drawn up and swell causing increase in blood flow
to affected area. Increased blood flow during cupping therapy draws impurities and toxins
substances away from the tissues towards the surface for elimination. The treatment session is
of short duration around 3 to 6 minutes. By the use of this therapy we can get benefits in early
recovery from mechanical back pain, muscle spasm, pain due to spasm and myofascial
dysfunction. The advantages of cupping therapy are reduce pain and inflammation, Improve
blood flow, Relaxation of muscles, Safe and non invasive treatment technique. facilitate healing
process. Cupping therapy affects multi systems of our body and their functions like on skin it
improves the function of sebaceous & sweat glands, on muscles improve the blood flow and
lymphatic drainage, on joints improve blood flow and synovial fluid secretion, on digestive system
improve peristalsis, increase digestive juices, on nerves they stimulate the sensory nerves and
improve ANS functions. There are some conditions in which cupping is not advised like excessive
dry or cracked skin, Open wound or ulcer, fractured bone, dislocated joint, bleeding disorders,
excessive swelling.

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